Palliative Care Showcase

Open Education Resources for Cancer (OERC) has been developed to provide web- based open access to high quality information to cancer patients and their families.

You can expect to find educational material that present facts in an easily understood fashion. In addition suggestions for home care, ways to navigate care facilities, options for therapy and general supportive information will be available.

You can join the OERC community with MERLOT and create your own personal collection of online materials regarding patient education on cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment with emphasis on palliative care and symptom management. You are also invited to write comments and rate each selection on a five star scale. The materials in the collection will also be reviewed by expert panel members as well.

Information provided in OERC reflect the opinions of the authors who develop the materials and opinions of the users of the materials. Patients should always consult with their physicians before making any decisions based on information from OERC. Click here for the Acceptable Use Policy and other polices for using resources in MERLOT.

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Join "Voices for OERC Patients and Families"

Participate in a FREE and open online communications network that provides opportunities to connect with other cancer patients and their families in the OERC community 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week. You can discuss ideas online, write a blog, chat, and post, share, exchange, and comment on documents and videos that can help you understand issues important to cancer patients and their families.

"Voices for OERC Patients and Families" provides a forum for you and your fellow OERC members to share experiences, ask questions, pose problems, and respond in a timely and simple manner.

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