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The OERC-India portal is open and free for everyone to use, with a special emphasis on serving the needs of cancer-focused healthcare professionals, patients and their families in India. You can use the portal to:

  • Find free, open, and online educational and training resources.  We will be “recommending the best” and “linking to the rest” of materials that could meet your interdisciplinary needs.
  • Contribute to the global digital library of cancer resources so everyone worldwide can have the best and latest information.
  • Develop and lead the social networks needed to bring individuals out of isolation and into a supportive community.
  • Participate in online discussions and consultations with cancer researchers, physicians, healthcare professionals, and others working in cancer education to freely share experiences, educational materials and expertise.

Free of commercial, industry, or institutional bias – we are focused on the members of the broad community of cancer creating and sharing resources for the betterment of cancer treatment, education, and research.

Online Library of OER for Cancer

Looking for free online resources about cancer you can use in formal and informal training and education?

Simply click on the topics listed below and you’ll be a provided a list of available resources you can use, read reviews, and organize into your own personal collection. (all links open in a new window)

Click here to view the entire collection of cancer materials in MERLOT link opens new window

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Indian Cancer Congress 2013

Indian Cancer COngress 2013 logo

The ICC2013 belongs to every oncologist in the country – there are no boundaries. The true success of the conference will be measured by the scientific content of the meeting, the presentations made and questions raised by our scientific community. We want our members to actively participate and promote ICC2013.

Join Us at Indian Cancer Congress

Learn more about how you and your colleagues can use the free resources and tools to support improvements in cancer healthcare in India. We'll demonstrate and discuss the practical "how-to-do's" of using the OERC-India portal and MERLOT's open educational services.

OER for Cancer – Global Community with Global Partners

Indian Cancer COngress 2013 logo

The International Network for Cancer Treatment and Research - INCTR and MERLOT have partnered to create the OERC portal. You can find more OERC news in the INCTR Newsflash

Open Educational Resources for Cancer Information Sheet. (PDF)

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